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Woka is the name of a collection of regions and areas which are binded together through portals. Woka was founded about 3000 years before The Great War, when the ambassadors of all intellect species from Positum, Negatum and Wokum met and declared peace between them.

Before the foundation of this world, there were three large regions which were connected through 322 ancient portals which is origin is unknown. The portals seem to be indestrctibe, lethal to specific kinds of ancient species and, above all, totally accurate on sending someone from one region to another. 22 portals lead to the main regions when the rest 300 lead to small areas which seem to be controlled from a strage magical power.


Woka's main regions are three:

  • Wokum- The largest, neutral, region where neutral species live.
  • Positum- An external region and where all enlightened beings live.
  • Negatum- An external region and where all dark beings live.


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Wokum is the main region of Woka. It is three times larger than Positum or Negatum. It is neutral when it comes to magical powers and is governed by a big number of species and creatures.

Positum and Negatum[]

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Positum and Negatum, also known as External Regions, are the 1/3 each of the size of Wokum and are standing above it. When the spectator is on Wokum, he can see the other two regions standing on the sky as two small clouds, one filled with dark and red colors and the other filled with while colors.


Species on Wokum[]

Species on the External Regions[]


  • Angel