Vorin of Darkmere was an ancient lord of the Elves. Legend says that ten thousand years ago, when the elves were more widespread throughout Elara, Vorin (who is known as the Smith to the Elven gods) created various weapons and armour for numerous elven legendary heroes. The location of the elven hall which was known as Vorin's Smithy remains a mystery to this day. The elves have secretly admitted that it is not within the borders of M'rat. The legend says that Vorin, smith of the elven gods, was forced to shoe mortal's horses for a living after the rise of humanity. It is said that if a traveller left his horse and a coin beside the smithy, when he returned the horse would be shod and the coin gone. However, if the traveller did not pay or attempted to watch then nothing would happen.

The myths he features in tell how Vorin and his two brothers met three swan maidens by the shore of a lake and fell in love with them. They stayed together for seven years until the swan maidens flew off, and the three brothers went their separate ways to seek their lost loves. Vorin was captured by the evil Dwarven king Olanor who lamed him by cutting his hamstrings and forced him to work at his forge. In revenge, Vorin killed two of the king's sons and turned their skulls into drinking bowls, sending them to Olanor as a gift. He also gave gifts of jewellery made from their teeth to their sister, Teebeth. When she came to Vorin with a ring to repair, he flayed her and made her skin into a cloak for Olanor, then revealed the nature of his 'gifts' to the family. He escaped by creating a magical boat of feathers to fly away in.

Most famous of his creations were the Seven Swords of Darkmere. Though Vorin and his creations exist only in legend to most, several groups believe that the swords do exist, and consequently the legends are true.

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