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Type of Government

Feudalistic Monarchy


King King Vidar Harkonsson

Government Stability


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Official Language
Primary Religions

Norlani Pantheon

Historical Information
Year of Founding

847 LC

Policy Information

Volinga is a Norlani kingdom in Nurador, founded nearly 400 years ago.

Volinga borders the goblin kingdom of Dark-Cavern and the elven kingdom of Neleran. Volinga maintains good relations with the elves.

Life and Society[edit | edit source]

Volinga is ruled by King Vidar Harkonsson, a descendent of Hakon Hammerhánd, the founder of Volinga.

Major Geographical Features[edit | edit source]

Black Forest: The Black Forest forms a natural border to the north-west. It is sparsely cut, for many dark and terrible creatures lurk in that forest.

Black Water: A huge inland lake, Black Water is fed by subterranean rivers. It is home to numerous types of fish, and forms the northern border of Volinga.

Coldblood River: The great river known as the Coldblood River cuts through Volinga, serving as both a trade lane and a source of food.

Coldwind Forest: Coldwind Forest forms the eastern border of Volinga. Many evil creatures lair here, though Volingan incursions has driven most of them to the east of the forest.

Raven Peaks: s

Important Sites[edit | edit source]

Ekeborg (Small City, 7,000): The new capital of Volinga, Ekeborg is built on a hill just west of the Coldwind Forest. From here, King Vidar rules his people.

Hakonsbyr (Large Town, 5,000): The old capital, these days Hakonsbyr serves its original purpose as a fortress against Haradrim incursions from the east. Surrounded by a thick wall and a wide moat, and guarded by Volingan horsemen, Hakonsbyr is a formidable fortress. The city and garrison is commanded by the one-eyed Jarl Ivar Svarthammar, a hard-bitten veteran warrior.

Sammisdalr (Large Town, 3,000): A mining community as the foot hills of the Raven Peaks, the mines of Sammisdalr produce all the iron needed by the armies of Volinga. It is ruled by Jarl Ydan Karlsson, a former warrior crippled in battle against the goblins of Dark-Cavern. He has managed, however, to change from a hard-bitten veteran to an able task-master, able to keep the moods of the miners in check.

Uppholm (Small Town, 2,000): A small fishing community at the south coast of Black Water, it is ruled by the able Jarl Bjorn Ivarsson.

Regional History[edit | edit source]

Volinga was founded in 847 LC by the Norlani warrior and adventurer Hakon Hammerhánd.

Map of Volinga

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