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  • sword and shield


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Koridian citizen

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The mercenary known as Ulric has had a colourful past. Born in the Koridian town of Mounthold, Ulric had always been a very inquisitive child. So much so, in fact, that it quite often got him into trouble. Being labeled a "troublemaker", the other children often picked on him, and set him up to take the blame for their mischief. Vowing to not be the scapegoat any longer, Ulric left home at a relatively early age to join the Koridian military.

Ulric joined the soldier ranks and was successful for a while, but soon realized that though this was a close approximation of the life he was searching for, it wasn't quite enough. He wanted more, and more than the Koridian military could give him.

At the tender age of 20, Ulric resigned his commission and left Pavillion. He had heard rumors of an elite, yet elusive (and frankly speaking, an ostracized) band of mercenaries. His journey took him far outside of respectable Koridian society, to the stronghold of Armeth Talon. There, he joined the trainees and eventually became a Talon Knight.

Ulric's eventual downfall with Armeth Talon was not entirely his fault. Ulric, as many others, had been swayed by the charismatic leadership of a Talon General named Kayde. Due to philosophical differences, Kayde left Armeth Talon and took two talons of his followers with him, Ulric being one of them.

During their time struggling through the Jenari Waste, a small number of his followers became disillusioned with Kayde and abandoned him. Ulric was one of these men. Unable to return to Armeth Talon, Ulric took his skills and became a mercenary, travelling to distant lands and taking on a variety of jobs.

At some point while he was in the Southern Wilderlands, Ulric rescued a Tsadhe, whom he named Nym and kept as a pet. A few years later, while in the Southern Badlands, word reached Ulric of Seraada's decimation of Mounthold, Ulric's home. His family had been murdered. Vowing revenge, Ulric returned to Koridan and made his ways north towards Tyrak, Seraada's base of operations.

It was during his trek through the Maeryn Moors that Ulric came upon a band of adventurers captured by trolls. Freeing the prisoners, Ulric discovered that they, too, were on their way to face Seraada. Ulric joined the band, which included Brenn, Talice, Sari and Rul.

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