Two bodies with a slight difference in mass orbiting around a common barycenter. The sizes, and this particular type of orbit are expressed in the Elara-Miranor system.

In physics, an orbit is the gravitationally curved path of one object around a point or another body, for example the gravitational orbit of a planet around a star.

In a twin orbit, the two bodies orbit a common barycenter. These two masses and their barycenter act as a single mass in another two-body system, normally with the solar system’s sun.

When Miranor was caught in Elara's gravitational pull, they created a twin orbit system, orbiting each other (or rather, orbiting a barycenter between them) and simultaneously sharing Elara's elliptical orbit around the sun.

Barycenter[edit | edit source]

The barycenter is the point between two objects where they balance each other. For example, it is the center of gravity where two or more celestial bodies orbit each other. When a moon orbits a planet, or a planet orbits a star, both bodies are actually orbiting around a point that lies outside the center of the greater body. For example, the moon does not orbit the exact center of the earth, instead orbiting a point outside the earth's center (but well below the surface of the Earth) where their respective masses balance each other. The barycenter is one of the foci of the elliptical orbit of each body. This is an important concept in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and the like.

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