General Information

mainly Koridan




broken Common

Average Lifespan

26-30 years

Physical Information
Average Height

4-4.5 feet

Skin Colors

fur/hair covered

Hair Colors

short, brown

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Societal Information

Troggles are a unique and fairly weak race of evil humanoid monsters. Troggles are not smaller cousins of other natural "monsters", but are a necromantic creation.


The first troggles were created by the evil wizard Seraada Margolin while he was a Master Mage at the Mage's Academy in Velloria. Seraada was experimenting with powerful forbidden magics, reinfusing life back into corpses in an attempt to bring back the dead. Instead, thick, oozing cocoons were the result, which pulsed and "hummed" for three days. After that time, the deformed troggles emerged from the cocoons. Trying again, Seraada took unwilling volunteers and stripped them of their inherent magic. Once their magic was forced back into them, a similar transformation took place to the troggles, except goblins emerged from the cocoons. All the goblins and troggles were killed before Seraada was tried and removed from Velloria.


Mottled brown fur covers all of the canine-faced, ape-like troggle, except the palms and sole of his feet. Long arms hang to his knees, and a powerful, prehensile tail grows from the base of his spine.


Most troggles possess only limited intelligence (though more than goblins), and usually use crude weapons such as clubs, hatchets and spears. They wear simple, decorative clothing and organize themselves by family groups. Each group shares a large nest, which is often located in dark and musty areas. Troggles have been known to be brave enough to have a group of males band together to raid the homes of nearby Elarans, but this rarely happens. Troggles prefer to pick over the leftovers after a troop of goblins has destroyed a settlement. Troggles are omnivores, but some groups relish the taste of raw human flesh.

Seraada's troggles serve him faithfully, as long as he is watching. When unobserved, troggles are extremely lazy and unimaginative, taking no initiative or responsibility for anything. Since troggles are not a "natural" creation, any encountered in the wild (ie. away from Seraada) have escaped and are attempting to survive on their own. The behaviour of these troggles will be unpredictable, to say the least.

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