The Stores is the name for the main mass storage area of the Mage's Academy, located in the basement section of the Dining Hall. Access to and from the Stores is granted via a staircase on the west side of the building, and/or a staircase at the back of the kitchens.

  • Big Room: This is the main storage location for bulk or large non-food items at the Academy. It also holds barrels, casks, crates, and other types of containers filled with food or beverages. The "imaginative" name started as a joke, and stuck.
  • Cold Room: This room is used as a fruit cellar, including meats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Dry Room: This room is used as a pantry to store dry goods, such as flour, sugar, and many different types of herbs.
  • Prep Room: This room serves as a short term storage location, for incoming goods to be sorted and organized before moving further into storage, and for outgoing goods (mostly food to be prepared for meals that day). It contains a small ice house and pantry, and the staircase up to the Kitchens.
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