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The Stables are a large, two story structure that occupies the north-western corner of the Mage's Academy's Outer Ward. It sits snug against the 25 foot high outer wall. To the south is the Gate Yard.

The Stables not only hold the horses for the Talon guards, but also any mounts belonging to Academy staff, students or visitors. The stable-hands live outside the complex in Velloria, but the head handler has a small set of rooms in the Stables, to be near his beloved horses.

Horses can be stabled in either the first or second stories, with access to the second floor via a large external wooden ramp out in front, leading from the southern end ground-level to the crux of the L-shaped building on the second floor. The main ground-level entrance is a large set of double, wooden doors that open out under the second-floor entry.

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