Southern lands
Political Information

Upper Azeria

Type of Government

Although part of the Quarterly kingdom government is still mainly managed by a goblin system called Three tribe rule and selects its quarterly representative with this traditional policy


South king

Societal Information

Changes every Centcycle,currently Spongaroth


South shilling

Historical Information
Policy Information

The southern lands of Azeria are one of the four Quarterly kingdoms and are home to the Goblin race,these lands are largely hilly and blanketed with scorched grass simmilar to that which grows on the Black Moor.The kingdom is largely devided into three provinces known as Godas which are the home lands of the three Goblin tribes.The large mountain range known as Elf Plateau on the southern land's border makes it impossible to enter the Western Lands directly from it.

Geographic featuresEdit


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Capital cities of the tribal regions:

Other settlements:

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