Six Seas

The Six Seas region

The Six Seas region of Elara covers roughly 30,240,000 square kilometers, occupying approximately 92.7º of latitude, 90º of longitude, and 6 time zones of the planet. It is the largest region of the continent of Phaara, sitting almost exactly in the center of the landmass. There are 14 firmly established countries, several loose organizations, and vast unclaimed wild areas in the region, all surrounding six seas, which the region is named after.

The Six SeasEdit

Apenic SeaEdit

The Apenic Sea is by far the largest of the six bodies of water, covering more area than the other five seas combined. The Apenic Sea is also the furthest west. The northern section seas quite a bit of trade traffic, while the mid- and southern sections are wild areas and pirate territory.

Sural SeaEdit

The Sural Sea is the second largest, but perhaps the most frequently traveled. Trade flows from the Six Seas region to the East through the country of Kaladar, located at the far eastern end of the Sural Sea.

Oreth SeaEdit

The Oreth Sea is located on the north-eastern side of the Sural Sea. It is the third largest, and probably the least traveled. The land surrounding the Oreth Sea is mainly occupied by wild areas and non-human species, with little to no reason to venture onto the water.

Gormath SeaEdit

The Gormath Sea is the fourth largest, and is located on the north-western side of the Sural Sea. It sees high traffic, being bordered by Koridan, Aldemir and others.

Gins SeaEdit

The Gins Sea is located to the north, with access to the Apenic Sea via a long and winding strait between Danara and Taldia. It sees little traffic, though the fishing industry is enormous here.

Aos SeaEdit

The Aos Sea is the furthest north, separating the countries of Taldia and Filaldor. Like the Gins Sea, there is little trade much vast fishing.

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