The singing lake is a large lake in the Eastern Lands which is close to the edge of the world.It is the source of the mighty River Gug'spon that is responsible for all of the kingdom's trade by water.It is so named because as the water flows down a small rock face to exit the lake it produces a haunting humming sound which sounds very like a woman sining.

In the centre of the lake on a small island lives an elderly man known as the Time Keeper,he dwells in a large clock tower and has devoted his life to documenting the passage of time.The calendars he produces are the most accurate in the land and are one of the major exports of the Eastern Lands.This reclusive figure is rarely seen and has been there for all of living memory,some say he is immortal and is the same man while others think that it is a title that is merely passed on from father to son.

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