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Type of Government

Feudalistic Monarchy


King Skuldr Hormmsson

Government Stability


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Official Language
Primary Religions

Norlani Pantheon

Historical Information
Year of Founding

-89 LC

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Sindal is a Norlani kingdom in Nurador, founded over 1200 years ago.

Sindal borders the dwarven kingdom of Hammerheim and the Norlani kingdom of Horgavik, and maintains good relations with both.

Life and Society[edit | edit source]

Sindal is ruled by King Skuldr Hormmsson, a descendent of Heimund Sindarsson, the founder of Sindal.

Major Geographical Features[edit | edit source]

Black Forest: The Black Forest serves as a natural border of Sindal. It is sparsely cut, for many dark and terrible creatures lurk in that forest.

Cloudhigh Mountains: Though technically a part of Hammerheim, the Sindali work several mines in the foothills of the mountains, with the blessing of the dwarves.

Gnoll Forest: Gnoll Forest forms part of the border between Sindal and Horgavik. It is home to a circle of druids, who cooperate with the rulers of Sindal and Horgavik to prevent deforestation due to treecutting.

Gnoll Run: The river known as the Gnoll Run separates Sindal from Horgavik. Many Sindali make a living fishing the river.

Hammer Run: The great river known as the Hammer Run cuts through Sindal, serving as both a trade lane and a source of food.

Important Sites[edit | edit source]

Arygholm (Small City, 7,000): s

Hardklif (Small Town, 2,000): s

Hertdalr (Small City, 13,000): s

Ketiskal (Small City, 5,000): s

Limdalr (Large Town, 3,000): s

Odvebyr (Small City, 8,000): s

Tyrkolsetr (Large Town, 3,000): s

Regional History[edit | edit source]

Sindal was founded in -89 LC by the Norlani warrior Heimund Sindarsson.

Map of Sindal

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