Sgalic is the langauge of the Sga Goblins from the Sgagoda region of the Southern Lands,over time their language has become a tounge common to all Goblin Tribes(Azeria) resulting in the loss of other goblin dialects.Because of this fact the language is often simply refered to as 'Goblin speak' by other races.The most evident use of this language is in the naming of the southern land settlments.

A note on Goblin Tribal names[edit | edit source]

A great deal of Sgalic nomenclature relies on the use of the names for the three goblin tribes,the Sga,the Oda,and the Spon.Generally a tribal name appears in the naming of a goblin city or region to signify who it belongs to.The prefix Gug' meaning belong to accompanying a tribal name is most often used to this effect as can be seen in the names of the goblin cities Gug'oda Gug'sga and Gug'spon

Sgalic nouns[edit | edit source]

  • Dwarfeck-Dwarf
  • Gagaroth-Home(apears as a suffix in the names goblin capital cities as in Spongaroth
  • Isga-Human(Literally means *Not Sga* As in Isgagaroth)
  • Felta-Elf(As in Undar Felta)
  • Goda-Land(used in the names of the three goblin counties within the southern lands known as Sgagoda Odagoda and Spongoda)
  • Undar-Forest

Goblin Names for kingdoms[edit | edit source]

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