General Information







Scyth language

Average Lifespan

90 years

Physical Information
Average Height

190 cm

Average Weight

80 kg

Skin Colors


Hair Colors

Brown or black

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Fast movement
Societal Information

Human (Inlitania)

Famous Members

Kingdom of Scyth

Scyths are a race, which are related to Amnaygil. Once they fled to Ulanium, where they created First Kingdom, but later they became addicted of magics, which resulted in The Sundering.

History Edit

Scyths are first human group. They are arisen in Amnaygil, near Swan Lake, which was described as one of most beautiful places of the world. 11,000 years ago they fled to Ulanium, where they met Elves, they conquered Calibis and founded First Kingdom. Soon they befriended with Elves, which taught them magics. 10,000 years ago Lord Sundered tried to create a source of inexhaustible magic, but the try was unsuccessful and resulted in The Sundering. As Humans understood that his try won't be succesful they seaprated from other Scyths and called themselves Humans. Before the Sundering there was more Scyths than there are now. It was zenith of their culture.

Sundering resulted in destruction of Swan Lake and surrounding area. After the Sundering most of survived Scyths separated into many tribes, that was in war with each other. In year 95 BEC they founded Second Kingdom, which in year 225EC separated in Southern Kingdom and Northern Kingdom. In year 227EC Southern Kingdom joined Humans and killed most of Dwarves living in that area, but Northern Kingdom renamed themselves to Kingdom of Scyth and they tried to restore former glory and power of their race. They created good relationship with Dwarves. In year 227EC Threeholme destroyed Kingdom of Scyth and started a genocide to Scyth race. Most of Scyths fled to Amnaygil. In year 384EC Kingdom was restored and it became larger than ever. Now this kingdom tries to create a new - golden path to their fallen race.

Culture Edit

Languages Edit

Scyths are good in learning languages. Almost every Scyth knows three languages: Scyth language, Dwarven language and Common. If they know these to languages they think that it is not necessary to know more. Once they knew also Elvenspeak, but as of Human actions they forgot it.

Relationships Edit

Scyths are befriended with Elves and Dwarves. Once Scyths were known as every human, but than they separated. Other races are mostly hated by them, because of prejudice.

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