Premajaz (pronounced Pray-Maj-Az) is the name used to describe Majaz as it was before the Flood of Ages that caused sea levels to rise creating Majaz as it is seen today.During the premajaz age the Elder Ones were still present and the mortal people looked to them as gods.

Geography of Premajz[edit | edit source]

In these elder days Majaz was not dominated by water as it is today but was a huge green landmass with several large lakes.The most dominating feature was the large mountain known as Aralmount,which was the home of the Elder Ones.The ruins of this great keep became the continent of Aral as it is seen today.The few geographic features we know existed mainly come from unreliable legends that have become distorted over time,it is not known whether many of these actually existed or were purely mythical.The features of Premajaz which have been confirmed through archaeological evidence are:

  • The Emerald Grove-the region which was the original home of the Emerald Elf race
  • The Iron Grove-a country close to the Emerald grove the was the home of the Iron Elf people
  • Hactuna-The legendary forest which was home to the Hactun tribe
  • The valley of Urol-As the name suggests this valley was populated by the Urol people
  • Atlant-This building was so large it functioned as a city,it still exists today under the water
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