A portal is a magical gateway, allowing instantaneous travel between any two. Travel can only be accomplished in one direction at a time. Portals are linked to each other in a "network" around Elara. A portal is composed of a framework of some sort (two sides, a connecting top, and a surface for it to stand on), either natural (ie. a cave entrance, or hole) or constructed. Portals can be made of any materials, and can be any size. The frame can be as "flimsy" and temporary as a few sticks lashed together to create a frame, or as permanent as a carved or mortared stone arch, such as the Calondon Arches in Kaan-dor-vel. Once the frame is constructed, a magic spell is placed on the frame, connecting it to the portal network. Once all this is accomplished, the portal (once activated) can send people, animals, or things across any distance instantaneously to another portal in the network.

If the portal is destroyed, or damaged enough that the "circle" of frame and surface is "broken" or incomplete, that portal ceases to be part of the network, and the magical spell placed on it is broken. If the portal is repaired or rebuilt, another spell can be placed on it, and connect it to the network again.

Some portals, like two of the Calondon Arches (the Tellana Arches), can be made permanently active, but they can only have one destination as long as they are active.

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