General Information

varies, mainly the Whyspering Wood





Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Skin Colors


Hair Colors

blonde or brown

Eye Colors

blue or green

Abilities Information
Special Attributes

some magic

Societal Information

Pixies have pointed ears, and often wear a green outfit and pointed hat. Sometimes their eyes are described as being pointed upwards at the temple ends. A pixie is said to enjoy playing tricks on people, for example by stealing their belongings or throwing things at them. At night, they steal horses and bring them back before dawn, leaving only tangled manes as evidence of the prank. Some pixies are said to exude pixie dust, which is left in their footprints.

Fairies are also known to steal horses and return them with tangled manes. Though fairies and pixies have a lot in common they are not, as is commonly mistaken, the same thing.

Travellers who become lost are sometimes said to have been "pixie led", in other words, deliberately led astray by the little people. It is said that, if travellers felt the onset of the pixie spell, they can turn their coats inside out to confuse them and escape.

Pixies can also be repelled by objects made from silver as contact with the metal can harm them, another trait they share in common with other fairies. Pixies are allergic to silver. It burns their skin and can kill them if it gets into their blood.

Some rural families leave small gifts, such as bowls of food or saucers of milk, for the pixies in order to placate them. When shown this respect and attention, pixies will sometimes even help the family by tidying up the household during the night or in the day!

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