Geographical Information

hot to cold temperate

  • alpine/high altitude/mountainous
  • rough/rugged/rocky hills
  • coniferous forest/taiga
  • deciduous/mixed forest
  • plains/grassland
Physical Information

flying equine

Average Wingspan

35 feet

Skin type

short hair




1-2 foals

Abilities Information
Special Abilities
  • flight
  • quasi-intelligence
Attack Type
  • hooves
  • bite

no, but can befriend

Used as Mount

extremely rare

Societal Information
Family Grouping

herds of 1-20

Remote alpine valleys secure privacy for the shy pegasus. Meadow grasses and flowers underfoot, winds whistling through the peaks above, and the company of its own kind satisfy the simple desires of this winged horse. The lure of excitement and changed draws a few from their secluded abodes into the wide world. Men driven by greedy hearts attempt to steal others at foalhood to rear as steeds, though they are rarely successful. Abducted pegasi often kill their cruel masters to escape and return home. Those who leave willingly in search of adventure form friendships, finding pleasure in carrying these friends on their backs.

Pegasi, like all magical creatures, were created hundreds of thousands of years ago by Valeri mages. Though they cannot speak, they are intelligent, and have an innate ability to sense another beings desires and intentions. This is one reason why it is so difficult to capture a pegasus.

And though a pegasus' heart is too wild to remain in "captivity" with non-pegasi for too long, at least one herd of pegasi has responded to the noble intentions of the Sky Lords of Braemar and allowed themselves to be mated with unintelligent horses, in order to produce steardan offspring. Steardan are unintelligent versions of pegasi and are distinguishable by colour - steardan are never pure-white.

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