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Average Lifespan

50 years

Physical Information
Average Height

170 cm

Average Weight

75 kg

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes


Societal Information


Common Alignments
  • Lawful Evil
  • Neutral Evil
  • Chaotic Evil

Orcs are ferocious raiders and relentless warriors. All Orcs live to wage war, which is what makes them so dangerous. This love of combat is also their greatest weakness, as it means they expend much of their energy fighting each other.

The Orcs originated in the region of Borias, where they long served as allies/slave warriors to the Dark Elves. In 1900 AI they swept out of Borias and into the west, beginning the Orc Wars. They were finally defeated in 1992 AI, and many of them settled into three kingdoms: Dhurak Nar in the region of Waeland, and Nugar Karal and Narak Zagul in the region of Alayte. The rest spread across Elatha in small tribes.

Fysiology[edit | edit source]

Orcs have the same height as humans, but tend to be more strongly built. Their skin is dark green, and their fangs are slightly yellow. Their eyes are reddish.

Orcs tend to live in smelly caves and tunnels under the ground. They have darkvision, but don't see very well in daylight.

Outlook[edit | edit source]

Orcs tend to live in groups of 12-40 individuals, and are notorious for their evil, self-centered and violent natures. They only respect raw strength. With a strong leader - occasionally one from a different race - an Orc tribe can become well-organized and even end up dominating other tribes, who then serves as slaves and servants. But usually Orc leaders are weak, and internal power-struggles result in an eternal chaos for most Orc tribes.

Only three Orc nations - Dhurak Nar, Narak Zagul and Nugar Karal - exists, held together by tenous alliances (Dhurak Nar and Nugar Karal) or strong leaders (Narak Zagul).

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