Constructed Fantasy Worlds

the taiga of the Northern Wilderlands

The area known as the Northern Wilderlands occupies the greater part of northeastern Phaara. It is mainly unpopulated deserts, jungles and rainforests. The northern branch of the Oannis Mountains, called the Dyalynn Mountains, runs from the Wilderlands' north-east (near the coast of the North Sea) in a south-westernly direction until it approaches Fairan and Kaladar.

The Dyalynn Mountains create a natural barrier between the Wilderlands on the north and western side and the countries of Shendra and Braemar on the south and eastern side. The Wilderlands stretch west until they reach the Jenari Waste. The Eternal River has its source in the runoff from the Dyalynns, and runs west until it finally reaches Mrala Bay in Koridan. The Wilderlands run from the North Sea in the north to the Deliad Mountains on the border of B'dal.

The Northern Wilderlands remain largely uninhabited, due to remote locations, lack of roads, and quite often a harsh climate. The Vorrgan, however, are a nomadic people that survive as hunters and gatherers in the Wilderlands. They wear animal skins, build rudimentary wooden villages in key locations, and follow migrating herds of pog, deer and other animals.

an alpine forest in the Northern Wilderlands