The north king is the ruler of The Northern Lands of Upper Azeria,they reside in the palace at Bragdon 'Huil,below is a list of north kings and when they reigned

Holoron of Bragdon[edit | edit source]

Began reign:1st Centcycle
Ended reign:10th Centcycle(assassinated)
Other information:his death began the Dwarven crusades

Folfor the Gordic[edit | edit source]

Began reign:14th Centcycle
Ended reign:200th Centcycle(died of an ilness)
Other information:Appointed as king after the crusades during which time there was no north king

Alena the Gordic[edit | edit source]

Began reign:200th centcycle
Ended reign:382nd centcycle(died naturally)
Other information:Although a female she was still refered to as the north king rather than north queen

Bolgoral the Gordic[edit | edit source]

Began reign:382nd centcycle
Ended reign:542nd centcycle (Poisoned accidentally)
Other information:Son of Folfor and Alena

Pefer of Balgard[edit | edit source]

Began reign:542nd centcycle Ended reign:769th centcycle (impeached for misusing his power)
Other information:The first north king to end his reign without dying,he was appointed by a committee of elders as Bolgoral had no heirs

Hutsban of Balgard[edit | edit source]

Began reign:769th centcycle
Ended reign:915th centcycle(commited suicide after finding life as king too much)
Other information:son of Pefer

Bragdanim of Balgard[edit | edit source]

Began reign: 915th centcycle
Ended reign:1243th centcycle(Retired)
Other information:began his reign at the age of thirtysix centcycles (10 earth years)

Phosphate the wise[edit | edit source]

Began reign:1243th centcycle
Ended reign: 1425th centcycle(became maddened and unfit to rule)
Other information:The prime minister of Bragdanim,he was rewarded for excellent services by being made north king

Terrobud the wise[edit | edit source]

Began reign:1425th centcycle
Ended reign:1534th centcycle(killed in a bizzare accident involving rabbits)
Other information:was the first to clean the great chimney since its construction in the first centcycle,this improved the air quality of Bragdon 'Huil a great deal

Phosphate the wise 2[edit | edit source]

began reign:1534th centcycle
ended reign:1822nd centcycle(retired)
Other information:Named after his grandfather

Phostphate the third[edit | edit source]

Began reign:1822nd centycle
Ended reign:still ruling

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