The Norlani Pantheon were a collection of eleven deities worshipped throughout Norlani lands.

Membership and worship[edit | edit source]

  • Dunor - god of justice, law, order and truth.
  • Frey - god of agriculture, fertility and weather. Brother of Frea.
  • Frea - goddess of erotic love, beauty, fertility and vanity. Sister of Frey
  • Frige - goddess of childbirth, romantic love and motherhood. Married to Woden.
  • Geat - god of music, poetry and song.
  • Lugin - god of deceit, trickery and treachery.
  • Neord - god of fishing, storms and the sea.
  • Niht - goddess of moon, night, lycanthropes, shadows and thieves.
  • Thunor - god of anger, thunder and war.
  • Tiw - god of victory and glory.
  • Woden - god of death, knowledge, magic, oaths and wisdom. King of the gods. Married to Frige.

Of these, Frey, Lugin, Thunor and Woden were considered the most important deities, with Woden acting as the leader of the gods and Thunor as his second-in-command.

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