Political Information


Type of Government

Representative Democracy


Speaker Immarin Emeralddew

Government Stability

Very Stable

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Official Language


Primary Religions

Elven Pantheon

Historical Information
Year of Founding

-2164 LC

Policy Information

Neleran is an elven kingdom inside the Ravenswood in Nurador, founded over 3,000 years ago.

Neleran borders the goblin kingdom of Dark-Cavern, the dwarven kingdom of Hammerheim, and the Norlani kingdoms of Imbarin and Volinga. The elves of Neleran maintains good relations with Hammerheim, Imbarin and Volinga.

Life and SocietyEdit

Neleran is ruled by the people, insofar that they choose a leader for life. The current ruler is Speaker Immarin Emeralddew, elected 600 years ago. He is nearing his 900th birthday, and may soon be stepping down to allow a new ruler to be elected.

Roughly half the population live in small bands wandering across the Ravenswood, while the rest live in the city in the center of the forest.

Major Geographical FeaturesEdit

Raven River: The Raven River runs from the northern tip of the Cloudhigh Mountains, through Ravenswood. It is used as both a trade lane, a source of food, and a defensive perimeter.

Ravenswood: The elves of Neleran has claimed the entirety of Ravenswood as their own. It is home to many mythical creatures such as unicorns, but few evil creatures still live here, having been driven out long ago.

Wyrm Run: The river known as the Wyrm Run runs from the Raven Peaks, through Ravenswood. It is used as both a trade lane, a source of food, and a defensive perimeter.

Important SitesEdit

Neleran (Small City, 10,000): Neleran is the capital of Neleran, built into the treetops and hidden by elvish magic. It is home to some 10,000 elves.

Regional HistoryEdit

Neleran was founded in -2146 LC by elven settlers.


Map of Neleran

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