Negatum was an External region in the world of Woka. It was first used as the kingdom of darkness but when Woka split apart, it was raised to the sky, along with Positum. It is the place where dark creatures live.

A mountain and an observation tower on negatum.

General information[edit | edit source]

Negatum is governed from the Lord of Negatum who had unlimited power over this region. It is the place where all dark creatures can live except Wokum. It was created after the Human clerics used the ancient portal technology, sending it to the sky.

The majority of the creatures that live there are Chaotic Evil. However, there are other creatures that are Neutral Evil, such as Demons, Lawful Evil, such as the Lords of Negatum, or even Chaotic Neutral.

Description[edit | edit source]

Negatum's size is the same with Positum, about the 1/3 of Wokum's size. The ground on negatum is rocky and hot. The atmosphere is also hot and very unhealthy for most beings. Generally, negatum can be a nice place to live only for the dark cretures that are created there. For beings from Wokum, such as humans or dwarves, is very difficult to stay there for a long time when it is almost lethal for the beings of Positum.

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