The mud Plain as the name suggests is a large expanse of mud that is found in the heartlands of the Southern kingdom of Azeria in the Goda of Odagoda.While they were alive this terrain was home to the feared Fairyform Demons,great beasts made of pure magic much larger and more agressive than their closest living relatives the Fairies.According to legend these creatures were eventually erradicated in a climactic battle between the demons and the fairies,because both races are constructed of distortions in the Magic carrier wave the plain now contains a much higher Magical level than most places,visiting wizards from Giltharn Academy of magic have noticed that their spells are much more powerful when cast in this region.Because of this magical use on this plain is restricted by the Magical code of Azeria to avoid untrustworthy citizens wielding too much power.

The Odan tribal captial of Odagaroth is located on the borders of the plain.

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