Inlitania has four moons.

Gaenjem[edit | edit source]

Gaenjem is second largest of four moons. It weights approx. 35% of mass of Inlitania. It orbits Inlitania in one time per seven Inlitania days and it creates tides on Inlitania, though it is the closest one.

Glybel and Shchyglan[edit | edit source]

Glybel and Schyglan are two moons, that rotates with each other. Bigger - Glybel is green, but smaller - Shchyglan is white-blue. Both of they have desert-like surface, but there's cold. It is interesting that these two moons appeared after The Sundering.

Tryngielem[edit | edit source]

Tryngieliem is biggest of all moons and is half as big as Inlitania, though it rotates so far, it almost reaches Asteroid elt, which often changes trajectory of Tryngielem. Tryngielem is only of four moons which is hospitable. It got many bacterias and it got ice. It got it's ice 14 000 years ago, when Great Comet flew near the Inlitania.

It is interesting that Tryngielem has three moons itself. Biggest (visible) is called Mole, because it looks like a mole. It is very mountainous. Second biggest (also visible, but very rare) is called Glime. It is covered with ice. The smallest is called simply Small one, though what it is like is unknown.

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