Is the capital of Ondor. Located on the Ildoin river, it is halfway between the cities of Mirath Athan and Mirath Ithel.It is a large crossroad between the west-east Mirathilman road and the north-south Ildoin road. It is also known as the Bronze city, because the castle upon the Ilmandur Island is of made of bronze.It is the city of the three thrones. The city is also home to the main tírisor of Ondor, the Bronze tírisor. In the Ilmandur castle there is the Bronze tree guarded by the Order of the Tree.Mirath Ilmandur means the Tower of the Morning star, that is, Venus

Mirath Ilmandur
Political Information



Mirath Ilmandur


Capital city


Kings of Orondor

Government Stability

Totally stable

Societal Information

500 000


90% Orondorians

Historical Information
Formed From

a settlement

Year of Founding

with the foundation of Orondor by Ilmandur

Policy Information





royal orders


The city was founded by king Ilmandur.


Tanorth ArrainEdit

(Town of the kings)

Is the island in central Mirath Ilmandur.This is the ancient core of the city. It was built by king Ilmandur. In the middle of th island is the Royal Square.

North of it is the Castle of the Kings, built by the king.The castle is bronze and it is home to the tírisor of Mirath Ilmandur, which is in the Mirathtir Tower. There is also the Throne Hall, where there are three thrones. In the middle is the greatest, the throne of the king. To the left is the golden throne of the princes of Athaniand sit. To the right is the silver throne of the princes of Itheliand.

To the west is the Palace of the sun, the residence of the princes of Athaniand in the city.To the east is the Palace of the Moon, the residence of the princes of Itheliand in the city. In the center of the Royal Square is the Bronze tree of Mirath Ilmandur.

Tanorth Arrain is also home to the Library of the Kings

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