Minotaur Danaan
General Information

Monstrous humanoid





Average Lifespan

~150 years

Physical Information
Average Height

205 cm

Average Weight

180 kg

Skin Colors


Hair Colors

Shades of brown

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Great strength
  • Horns
Societal Information
Common Alignments

Lawful Evil

At home both on land and at sea, Minotaurs live in an honour-based society where strength determines power in both the arenas and in daily life.

Minotaurs are physically imposing, standing between 195 centimetres and 215 centimetres in height and weighing between 135 and 205 kilograms. A minotaur's upper body is humanoid, with broad shoulders, a deep chest, and strong arms ending in fully articulate hands. For the most part, the legs are also human-like, although their feet end in cleft hooves. Their powerful bodies are covered with short. thick fur, ranging in colour from red to brown, with rare occurrences of black, tan or white-furred individuals. Minotaur heads are clearly bovine in natyre. They have large, deep-set eyes in shades of dark brown and black. Minotaurs have short, yellow-white horns that grow from their temples, 15 to 30 centimetres long for females, and anywhere from 30 to 60 centimetres long for males. Minotaur manes are a shade or two darker than their fur.

Minotaurs speak their own language as well as the Common Tongue.


Minotaurs prefer straight-forward assaults, but are not averse to ambushes if they deem it prudent. Their favourite weapons are huge axes and flails, though some use huge swords and hammers.

Minotaurs consider it primitive and dishonourable to bite or use their horns, and never do so except in unarmed combat in the arena.


Minotaurs believe in the superiority of their race above all others. They believe that it is their destiny to rule the world. From a young age, minotaurs are trained in combat and warfare and instilled with a strict code of honour. The militaristic society of the minotaurs gives them a rigid view of the world, clearly divided in black and wide. Minotaurs value strength, cunning and intelligence. The ultimate test of all three virtues is conducted in an annual contest held in a gladiatorial arena.

To the minotaurs, all the other races of Danaan are weak and inferior. They view dwarves and centaurs with a modicum of respect, due to their rugged, uncompromising natures. Elves and gnomes, on the other hand, are considered weak, frail creatures without any honour or courage. Halflings are a nuisance, no better than rats. Of all the races, humans have earned the most respect from the minotaurs, for their military and naval skills are second only to the minotaurs' own.


Minotaurs are born sailors and venture out into the world in merchant or pirate ships, for although they despise other races, minotaurs are not averse to taking their goods and money.

Minotaurs are considered adults around the age of 17, and can live to be over 150 years old.

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