Constructed Fantasy Worlds

Majaz is a relatively large planet that was born like many out of the random magical fluctuations at the beginning of the universe,the name means simply 'World' in the tounge of its people .The planet is predominantly water with a few scattered landmasses emerging from this great ocean,legend says that in the time when mysterious creatures called Elder Ones roamed Majaz the water level was much lower and the landmasses seen today once stood as great mountains,when the magic of the elder ones began to disperse it converted itself into water and modern Majaz began.The world as it was before this flood(known as the Flood of Ages) is referred to as Premajaz.

Its largest continent is known as Aral which stretches out in eight distinct peninsulas from the central mountainous hub known as the Eye of Majaz,all civilised life on the world makes its home on this continent.

Majazan Magic is a less powerful and useful force than it is on other worlds,the planet receives a weak input of magical energy every year from the sun in orbit around the celestial body known as Azeria.



  • Hactun
  • Urol
  • Emerald Elf
  • Iron Elf
  • Delver
  • Water Wraith
  • Lesser Dwarf
  • Greater Dwarf


Majaz takes thirty four earth hours to rotate on its axis and one thousand Majazan days orbit its sun giving it a thirty four thousand hour year