Set mid-way on the western wall, the Main Gate is the only land access to the Mage's Academy. The village of Velloria lies only a short walk to the southwest. Flanked by a pair of 25 foot tall stone pillars, the Main gate is surmounted by a wrought-iron arch. A great stone gryphon and dragon crouch on top of either pillar. The doors themselves are large and wooden, thick planks bound by heavy iron straps. They are normally closed, with access granted to individuals through a smaller inset door. The wall itself is composed of stone blocks, is 20 feet high and two feet thick, and completely encloses the Academy grounds.

Mage's Academy of Velloria
Outer Ward
Armory • Barracks • Gate Yard • Main Gate • Stables
Academic Ward
Alward Hall • Arygan Bridge • Dining Hall  • the Forecourt • Inner Gate • the Kitchens • Kyrazar Hall • 
the Library • Oramar Hall • Outer Gate • the Quad • the Stores
Inner Ward
the Apartments • the Citadel • the Courtyard
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