The Magical code of Azeria is a series of Laws laid down by the law keepers of Giltharn Academy in the 100th Centcycle to prevent improper use of magic.They are considered by some to be monopolising magic but this opinion is not widely held,one of the formost protestors against the mage's immoral regime is the writer Anjala DiGiltharn.

Codes and their punishments[edit | edit source]

  • Using magic to assist in the breaking of ordianry laws-Knowledge of magic removed by Mesmeric Suggestion in addition to the punishment for the crime
  • Using one of the forbidden spells such as Psycos Supreme without permission-Death by The Shatter
  • Accelerating The power of spells by standing on the Mud plain without permission-Implanting of a Mesmeric Suggestion which makes the Accused feel extremely uncomfortable if they ever have the inclination to step upon the plain again.Since the discovery of Oggie's Restraint it has become common practise for the guilty party to endure the additional punishment of being paralysed for a year(24 earth hours)
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