Magic is the ability possessed by some individuals to manipulate the ambient energies of the world to produce desired results. Magic users are those individuals.

All sentient beings are born connected to the Essence. In fact, all living things help to generate the Essence. With very few exceptions, each person is born unable to naturally access their own essence, and so cannot "use" magic. Through various rituals, a person can be granted access to their own essence, and so be able to "use" magic, though much intensive training must be undertaken to do so safely. Those beings who do not have access to their essence are refered to, by magic users, as mundanes.

Magic users have gone by numerous different names in the past, and continue to do so today. Such examples would be mage, magician, witch/warlock, sorcerer/sorceress, enchanter/enchantress, conjurer, illusionist, and of course wizard.

The last is not used anymore by legitimate magic users, and is used as a derogatory and condescending term by unapproving mundanes, due to the negative effects the "Wizard Princes" had on the world in Elara's past.

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