Magic is a natural force that can be used to override the usual laws of nature while still being approached entirely scientifically. Many magical creatures exist, as do ordinary creatures that exhibit some magical properties. Objects, too, can be enhanced or imbued with magical power. The small percentage of humans that are able to perform magic are referred to as mages.

In humans, magic is an inborn attribute. Not everyone has the ability to access their Essence. Most men and women cannot reach it at all; of those who can, most must be taught to access it to varying extents, and can go their entire lives without touching or even knowing they can touch their essence. Magic is combined using one or more of eight elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ice, Stone, Light, and Life. People can tell when others are touching their essence: a white glow emanates from their eyes.

Magic is most often seen as spells, though it does exist in other forms in nature. For those who study magic, spells are grouped into sub-categories to provide context. These spell categories are designated as Type and School. They are often characterized by a common effect, such as Fire, Healing, or Protection.

The spells may have a set of prerequisites (usually given a name like "components") that must be satisfied before the spell can be activated. The spell listing will also include restrictions on the time, range, and target location, which are listed in the units of measurement. Finally the spell description will list the effects upon the game state.

Magic can also be seen via the special capabilities of objects, locations, individuals, and even magical beasts. Each of these will have their own set of rules describing the game effects of their abilities. Usually these rules will be similar in form and function to the rules for portraying spells.

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