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The Mage's Academy lies in the northeast corner of the walled town of Velloria. Occupying the grounds of a castle built by the Academy's founder, Bariath Tormelin, the town grew up around the castle and is populated by non-mages who help support the school with supplies, provisions, and entertainment.

The Mage's Academy

The Grounds[]

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The grounds, themselves, are situated in a small, secluded valley on a steep riverbank. Most of the outer grounds are wooded, and to the unwelcome they bear a shadowy, threatening appearance (the work of various warding spells. The central grounds are surrounded by a 10 foot high wall of fieldstone; there are two gates.

The Buildings[]

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The Academy is a very old complex built of sturdy materials and skillfully constructed. It is constantly being refurbished and repaired, so is well-maintained. No sign of decay or dilapidation is evident, though the structures are clearly aged. Ivy covers some walls, and the outside stone is stained with age. The roof edges of all the buildings sport a large number of fanciful stone gargoyles.

All windows are superbly crafted, and many have a multitude of fit panes with a few coloured ones in the center of the window. The observant may notice that shutters on the outward facing windows are particularly heavy and are in fact faced with heavy steel panels. They can make a very effective defense.

Ranks Structure[]

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There are various "Levels" that mages move through while members of the Academy:


These are new students at the Academy. They have not yet been granted access to their magic.






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