The Mage's Academy Grounds

  1. Main Gate: Flanked by a pair of 15 foot tall stone pillars, the gate is surmounted by a wrought-iron arch. Great stone gryphons crouch on top of either pillar. The doors themselves are large and wooden, thick planks bound by heavy iron straps. They are normally closed, with access granted to individuals through a smaller inset door.
  2. Wall: Fieldstone wall. Of fairly rough construction, the wall is nevertheless thick and sturdy. It averages 10 feet high and three feet thick. The top is also crowned by a row of outward-curving spikes - a rather vicious and uninviting sight.
  3. Pond: A small, artificial pool, it is kept stocked with fish from the river and doubles as a backup water supply. It is much deeper than it looks.
  4. River: Called the Arygan, it is only about 150 feet wide, but is deep and has a swift current.
  5. Barracks/Armoury:' A contingent of Talon guards occupies this two storey building, providing armed protection and security, though it is hardly needed. The building contains their bunkrooms, bathing facilities, mess hall and kitchen, and officers quarters. Their weapons are also housed in this facility.
  6. Stables: The stables not only hold the horses for the Talon guards, but also any mounts belonging to Academy staff, students or visitors. The stable-hands live outside the complex in Velloria, but the head handler has a small set of rooms in the stables, to be near his beloved horses.
  7. Garden: Though a thing of beauty to look at, the garden serves a secondary purpose of growing necessary plants and herbs needed for various classes at the Academy. The wall around the garden is slightly higher and the barbed top is more forbidding.
  8. Dining Hall: Three stories high (like most of the structures here) it contains the central gathering hall and support facilities.
  9. Alward Hall: The entrance hall and library.
  10. Kyrazar Hall: Devoted mainly to magical studies and staff quarters.
  11. Oramar Hall: The lower floor is classrooms, the upper floors are dormitories.
  12. The Citadel: Students are not permitted in the tower except to pass along the connecting passage on the first floor. It presents an enigma even to most of the residents of the Academy. The upper floors especially have a purpose most mysterious and almost sinister. The observant and architecturally knowledgeable might notice that the tower is older and of a slightly different style than the rest of the Academy. Indeed, it predates the other buildings by more than 1000 years.
  13. River Gate: A small gate opening onto a narrow stair cut out of the rock shore, it leads down to a hidden quay.
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