1. Main Doors: Doors of oak panels with beautiful carving inside and out, these doors can be bolted in place.
  2. Foyer: This two story room has a balcony running the upstairs perimeter. Eight grey marble columns run up both levels to the ceiling. Each column had an undecipherable inscription. It is now known to be Valerian, and the inscriptions are dedications to each member of the Grey Eight. A very large stained-glass window depicting a gryphon rampant dominates the far wall at the first stair landing. (It is rumoured that Bariath Tormelin once tamed a gryphon as a pet).
  3. Drawing Room: This elegantly furnished and decorated sitting room is used to entertain special guests while they wait for interviews or meetings.
  4. Headmaster's Office: This room serves as an administration hub for the school. The current Headmaster, Revilian Vorn, is a well organized man, with books and papers each in its own place. By default, the Headmaster also sits on the Conclave.
  5. Garden Office: More of a small nursery than an office, this room holds gardening supplies, a small desk for keeping horticultural records, and a number of fragile cuttings and sprouts.
  6. Student Lounge: A comfortable if slightly "worn" room, it is a favourite gathering place for students to talk and play games.
  7. Dining Hall: Three stories high, this great hall is the one room where the entire school can meet. The north wall has three stained-glass windows while the south wall sports a great bay window overlooking the garden.
  8. Kitchens: A narrow stair leads underground to the ice house, cellars and pantry part of the Stores.
  9. Passage: Worthy of note because of its very thick walls and the firing slits along the river side.
  10. Tower Passage: A cave-like curving hall connects the Dining Hall to Oramar Hall.
  11. Armory: A dark storage room, the armory is a treasure-trove of ancient (but mostly unremarkable) magical weapons and armour, and other oddities. The door to the Armory is kept locked.
  12. Stairs: Leading to the next tower level. The door to this stairway is particularly sturdy and is locked (only the Conclave members have keys).
  13. School Garden: A cool, quiet courtyard, this enclosed area features a few birches and poplars, and a variety of shade-loving flowers.
  14. Classroom
  15. Classroom
  16. Classroom
  17. Classroom
  18. Laboratory: Chemical and Alchemical experiments are performed here. It seems the smoke rolls out of the windows more often than not.
  19. Storage: Chemicals and various materials are kept here.
  20. Chief Alchemist's Office: The current professor of Alchemy has things strewn about his office.
  21. Classroom
  22. Classroom
  23. Magical Study Room
  24. Magical Study Room
  25. Magical Study Room
  26. West Courtyard: Often the site of an impromptu outdoor game or a lecture moved outside, this grassy site is rarely empty.
  27. Administration: The record-keeping for the Academy is done here.
  28. Professor's Quarters
  29. Professor's Quarters
  30. Professor's Quarters
  31. Formal Courtyard: Manicures hedges and carefully laid-out flower beds combine with sculpture, benches and a small fountain to make this a serene place.
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