Lantian Republic
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First Consul Caius Sesinnius Nusisus

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Lantian Pantheon

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Kingdom of Lantum

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1 LC

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Brosian Citystates

The Lantian Republic is a large Lantian nation situated in central Lantium. It consists of ten city-states, all ruled centrally from the city of Lantum.

Life and SocietyEdit

The Republic is governed from the city of Lantum by the Republican Senate, a council of two hundred Senators who serve as the legislative and judiciary branch of the Republic. Senators, once chosen, serve for life. The Senate chooses a First Consul to act as head of state for a term of one year, as well as two Consuls to act as his advisors and generals. The current First Consul is Caius Sesinnius Nusisus, who has been re-elected twice and is now on his third term.

Each city in the Republic is largely self-governed, but share taxation- and foreign-policies, and must adhere to decisions made by the Senate. City Governors are chosen by the Senate for terms of four years.

There are four classes in the Republic; Patricians, rich and politically powerful nobles. Patricians vote in one hundred Senators; Citizens, inhabitants of the cities. This class includes merchants and other permanent city-dwellers. Citizens vote in fifty Senators; Freemen, which include self-owning farmers and freed slaves, and vote in fifty Senators; and Slaves, who has little to no rights. Lantian citizens are protected by law from becoming a Slave - only foreigners may be slaves.

Major Geographical FeaturesEdit

Lampwood: A large forest east of Lampua, Lampwood is sparsely cut, as the nearest city is Lampua which is on another island.

Longwood: A large forest north of Lantum, Longwood is home to many woodland creatures. It is sparsely cut, mostly because of the dangers connected with entering the forest.

Important SitesEdit

Ancolus (): s

Apulum (): s

Atasus (): s

Avalalum (): s

Centius (Small City, 11,337): Originally established as a colony for retired soldiers, Centius lies on the island of Centulum. Ruled by Governor Brutus Androcus, the city is a rich recruiting ground for the Lantian armies, thanks to the militaristic background of most inhabitants here. Most young men join the Legions like their fathers before them. Those who survive the service often return to Centius to live out their lives.

Cinum (): s

Lampua ():

Lantum (Metropolis, 68,429): The capital city of the republic, Lantum...

Thessa (): s

Thierum (): s

Regional HistoryEdit


Map of the Lantian Republic

Geography of the Lantian Republic
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