Constructed Fantasy Worlds
Political Information
Type of Government


  • King Awelsaf
  • King Olesfanter
Government Stability

Very Stable

Societal Information




  • Humans 95%
  • Other races 5%
Official Language




Historical Information
Year of Founding

Awelsaf in 1450 BDP

Policy Information
  • Iron
  • Armors
  • horses

Lansar, also known as the human empire or the old human empire was an old-age, human-only, nation and faction. It is located on the far east of Woka. It was the dominant and most aggresive faction of the Old Age as many civilisations were destroyed and races were extinct from them and their imperial ideology.

Social structure[]


Humans were the most common race on Lansar and the only one which could access to all privileges. Any human on Lansar was affected from the racial propaganda that King Olesfanter, the second king of Lansar, started against the other races. The people were highly against any other race as they were considering them a threat and their actions were completely against them.

This mew kind of thinking made some citizens to rebel against the king but, as they were the minority, they were killed or silenced to save their lifes. Some of them left Lansar to form small factions, but without any critical result.

Other races[]

The period of the King Awelsaf, any race was allowed but very few have chosen there. They had the same rights with the humans but were usually slaves, workers or traders. When Awelsaf died and Olesfanter succed him, most of them died and only those who accepted to live in slavery lived.



Lansar was founded in 1450 BDP, from Awelsaf. His vision was to unite humans in a single nation, which would be friendly to the other races and nations. The nation was formed from the High Council of Humans, which decided to make a non-military nation, friendly to other factions and nations. During its first years, Lansar was a small and relatively weak nation, used only for trading purposes. It had a very good reputation and was never attacked as it was useful for many factions.

In 1381 BDP, a great war started from the Orc alliance and its allies against the other factions. Having many allies in their side, Orcs seemed an unbeatable enemy. This war was the first that Lansar participated in, by selling troopers to other nations. It should be noted that Lansar was only of the few nations which wasn't attacked from the Orcs at all. When the peace was restored in Woka, Lansar was the only wealth and economically powerful nation in it as it gained huge amounts of money during the war.

Military information[]