Knowledge blanket







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link to the knowledge and memories of other people,resulting in a temporary state of omniscience

Spell Resistance

Other Psycomancers

This is a psycomantic spell which uses the magic carrier wave to expand the caster's neurology beyond their head allowing them to access other peoples knowledge,memories and mental capacity.This causes the caster to become very wise while under the effects of the spell and may also cause a slight absent mindedness in a person being read,from their point of view they will feel themselves daydreaming about the memory being read or experience 'deja vu'.This side effect of sending people into a state of distraction can be exploited to incapacitate them which is especially useful in fights.Because of the spell's great power its existence is hidden by psychomantic wizards from the general public to prevent them from panicing at the thought their minds could be read at any time.

When learning this spell students begin by reading one mind(usualy their teacher's) and then move on to reading multiple minds,there are many well documented cases of people who have been driven insane the first time they have seen into another mind as the sensation of knowledge popping instantly into your head can unnerve some.

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