Kingdom of Scyth
Political Information


Type of Government

Feudalistic Monarchy


High Lord Prettus

Government Stability

Very stable

Societal Information





70% Scyths
20% Dwarves
10% Others

Official Language

Scyth language 70%
Dragonspeak 30%



Primary Religions


Historical Information
Year of Founding

322 FE

Policy Information

Kingdom of Lutar

Kingdom of Scyth is one of most powerful human kingdoms of Ulanium.It is founded by Scyths 160 years ago.

History[edit | edit source]

In year 95 BEC Kingdom of Scyth was founded. In those times Tenarius, was capital city of Scyth. Kingdom was smaller than most of other kingdoms and everyone was enemy to it. In year it conquered Danetor, Ironholme and Jnyll. In year 204EC Lord Tenarius died, his son became the next king, but he couldn't stand for his kingdom, so City-state of Threeholme burned down Lowlands of Ascythia and Tenarius. In year 227EC City-state of Threeholme conquered weakened Empire of Scyth and destroyed most of Scyth race, most of survivors fled to Amnaygil, where they assimilated with other races. In year 384EC it restored it independency in bloody wars against Threeholme, which became destroyed. They founded city of Ascythia, which became their capital city. Empire expanded very fast and now it is one of most powerful human strongholds. Now 50 years after restoring of independeny they must beware, danger is ahead! Their kingdom won't stand forever.

Important Sites[edit | edit source]

Empire of Scyth

  • Swampia - Swampia is large swampy region located in lowest part of Lowlands of Ascythia. It got most of largest cities in kingdom.
  • Ascythia - Ascythia is capital of Kingdom of Scyth. It was founded 50 years ago by High Lord Prettus. City is marel of human architecture and technology.
  • Tenarius - Tenarius was former capital city of Kingdom of Scyth. It was destroyed in year 372 FE by the City-state of Threeholme. Currently there are only ruins from once biggest Human city.
  • Port Gralus - Port Gralus has biggest port in Kingdom. City has 20,000 inhabitants and city often floods.
  • Ironholme - Ironholme was once Dwarven largest city in Ulanium. In year 356FE it was conquered by Tenarius. City got it's name because of most of buildings are from iron. City is located in a huge cavern and it is secod biggest city in kingdom.
  • Cnucket - Cnucket is agricultural centre. It produces 15% of food of kingdom.
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