Kinetic magic is one of the three Azeran houses of magic.Its basic premise is to charge the Magic carrier wave with the power of your mind in order to give it momentum,this is extremely useful for moving objects.When using this house it is common to work the direction you are moving things into the incantation,for example the word 'up' might be spoken in a levitation.

The kenetic house is generally regarded as the easiest to learn,however it is also the house most prone to what is known as Dreamcasting.This is where during sleep the magic user begins to work the spells without even realising which is especially common among students as they have been thinking about the spells all day,dreamcasting can result in objects veering wildly across the room and on several occasions it has caused beds to levitate to the ceiling.Because of this problem all furniture is now securely bolted down in the Giltharn Academy kinetic dorms.


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