Constructed Fantasy Worlds

Inlitania system is solar system in which Inlitania is located.


  • Hyranubb - Hyranubb is first planet in the system. It is dry and rocky place. It is believed that this planet is non-residental, though there's some signs of life.
  • Inlitania - Inlitania is planet where the actions of this Wiki happen.
  • Trilinmar - Trilinmar is a planet located opposite of Inlitania, which got the same orbit.
  • Angylore - Angylore is third of eight planets in Inlitania system. Planet is mostly covered with water, though there are some islands.
  • Trungallar - Trungallar is fourth of eight planets in the system. It has discs around it (like Jupiter). Planet is considered to be gas planet, but inside it there are many asteroids, which are hospitable.
  • Aires Igdrithus - Aires Igdrithus is fith of eight planets in the system.
  • Imrenicus - Imrenicus is sixth of eight planets in the system.
  • Blobett - Blobett is seventh of eight planets in the system.
  • Nuft - Nuft is a planet, who consists mostly of liquid. It has very much oil.
  • Chyl Barrein - Chyl Barrein is a planet, whose exisctence is not proven.