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Inlitania is 2nd of 8 planets in Inlitania system.


  • Diameter: 9 131 km
  • Circumfence: 33 116 km
  • Inlitania has a sister planet, which has the same orbit around the star, though it is always opposite of Inlitania, so we don't know anything about this planet, though it is called Trilinmar.
  • Inlitania, has four moons.
  • Nearly 80% of landmass was destroyed in The Sundering, and currently 80% of Inlitania's area is water.


Map of Inlitania


Main article: Amnaygil

Amnaygil is third largest continent. Continent is mostly forested. This continent has huge trees, one of whom is called Randrissyl.

Athes Welien[]

Main article: Athes Welien

Athes Welien is continent, which was close to ecuator, but after The Sundering was thrown to South Pole. Continent has many swamps on it's northern side, though other territories are ice-deserts and tundras. It is believed that this might be the continent, where humans have arisen from.


Main article: Axybis

Axybis is continent east of Shyl. It is dry, arid and rocky. It is fulled with many mountains, lava lakes and volcanoes. Continent is very inhospitable and is fourth largest continent


Main article: Carlet

Carlet is a continent, composed mainly of islands. It is home for Elves, which are raised in this continent soon after The Sunderning. Islands in Northern part are mesa-like mountainous isles. It is 5th largest continent.
Carlet is very unchanged after The Sundering, because it always was asundered from other continents.


Main article: Shyl

Shyl is the continent where humanity was born. 10000 BEC Humans became addicted from magics and than it resulted in chaotic explosion and destruction. Before the explosion Shyl was only known continent, but than it became one of the smallest. Shyl is currently the most suffered and unexplored. It has a variety of animal and plant life as of uninhabited area, though Elves want to conquer this continent.

Shyl has a variety of climates, from rocky and arid to Amazon River type cilmate. It has mountains that are flying over it, ridges, huge lakes, islands. This is continent of huge and unbelievable natural wonders. Though continent suffered in The Sundering it is still second largest continent.


Main article: Ulanium

Ulanium is the biggest of all continents. Continent is located North of Shyl. It is separated in two by Elves and Humans. Ulanium is largest continent on the world - Inlitania.


Tyrien is eastern part of continent. Tyrien is part which belongs to Elves. Tyrien is most beautiful, it is in ever-autumn zone, though it is smaller than Calibis it is worthy to see Tyrien.


Calibis is western part and belongs to Humans. This part has huge grasslands and in northern part it has high mountains (as it is with Tyrien), where Human allies Dwarves live.