Political Information


Type of Government

Feudalistic Monarchy


King Svardi Halfdansson

Government Stability


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Official Language
Primary Religions

Norlani Pantheon

Historical Information
Year of Founding

3 LC

Policy Information

Imbarin is a Norlani kingdom in Nurador, founded over 1200 years ago.

Imbarin borders the dwarven kingdom of Hammerheim and the elven kingdom of Neleran, and maintains good relations with both.

Life and Society[edit | edit source]

Imbarin is ruled by King Svardi Halfdansson, a descendent of Harald hin Sterka, the founder of Imbarin.

Major Geographical Features[edit | edit source]

Misty River: The great river known as the Misty River cuts through Imbarin, serving as both a trade lane and a source of food.

Tuskwood: Tuskwood lies to the southwest, and is so called because of the large number of boar that live there. The boars are hunted for food, but it is dangerous business and only seasoned hunters go there.

Important Sites[edit | edit source]

Gidisetr (Large Town, 4,000): s

Guttarbyr (Large City, 17,000): s

Harmundvik (Small City, 5,000): s

Harkbyr (Small City, 12,000): s

Reindalr (Small City, 7,000): s

Regional History[edit | edit source]

Imbarin was founded in 3 LC by the Norlani warrior Harald hin Sterka, who named his new kingdom after his late wife, the half-elf warrioress Imbarin Heltegard.

Map of Imbarin

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