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Average Lifespan

1000 years-eternal

Physical Information
Average Height

190-230 cm

Average Weight

95 kg

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Magic
Societal Information
Famous Members

Queen Hatchet, Telermoen

Highborne, sometimes called also Destructors or Alimk'qual are sub-race of Elves and initiators of The Sundering, after which they were banished from Alliance and Guardians.

History[edit | edit source]

Highborne elves, were the best sorcerers between Elven race. Several years before The Sundering they were chosen by Lord Sundered to help him create an inexhaustible source of magic power. While creating the source Queen Hatchet saw a vision, where she saw unstopable future, which destroy most of the world. So she stopped helping them, which resulted in instability between sorcerers and resulted in The Sundering. After this event Highborne were excluded from the Alliance and Guardians, though Queen Hatchet was welcomed in Alliance, because she was daughter of rulers of old Elven kingdoms. As of this they created a new faction - The Force. Recently Elven queen Alirmirnatt offered them to join Alliance, but they refused as of suffer they had to live in, perhaps they want to take revenge.

Notable Highborne[edit | edit source]

Name Role Condition Location Allegiance
Queen Hatchet Founder of Alliance and Elvania. Deceased Hatchet Tomb Alliance, Elvania
K'saliaf Father of Trelkanfar and Ahnum. Deceased Burried The Force
Telermoen Ruler of The Force. Alive Galdirack The Force
Gnad'lich Founder of Galdirack and The Force. Alive


The Force
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