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Average Lifespan

28 majazan years (110 earth years)

Physical Information
Average Height

five and a half feet

Average Weight

Very light

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Societal Information

Upper Balcon,Lower Balcon,Middle Balcon

Common Alignments


The Hactun or the grey people as they are sometimes known are a tribe of humanoids who are known for their wisdom and peaceful life.Outwardly and inwardly they resemble other human races such as the Urol but have distinctive silver hair from birth and very little colouring.In the days of Premajaz they lived scattered without much organised society throughout the woods and rivers,today they inhabit only the region of Aral known as Balcon,those who live within the kingdom of Upper Balcon maintain their tribal existence and live a life of quiet contemplation,in contrast who have settled in Lower Balcon and the thriving island port of Middle Balcon are becoming increasingly urbanised.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Hactun houses are constructed of wood and animal skins,it is also common to dig underground corridors to expand the area inside the house.Often what seems like a small hut has a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns beneath,because of the inexpense of Hactun building materials they are not constrained by wealth and even the poorest Hactun can build and maintain palace sized dwellings if they so choose.

Traditional Hactun life consists of fishing,craftsmanship and study.They have a tradition of gathering large councils and discussing the natural world,their knowledge and theories are recorded using a very elaborate writing system.Once an idea has been accepted as truth it is engraved on a stone tablet and placed in a forest known as the glade of knowledge.One of their primary methods of income is paying outlanders for access to this great store of unrivalled information,outlanders are not allowed to enter the glade instead its guardian known as the Glademaster enters and makes a parchment copy of the writing stone they wish to view.The glademaster has so much power of Hactun society he has gained the status of a king.

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