General Information

mainly Koridan

Average Lifespan

15-20 years

Physical Information
Average Height

3.5-4.5 feet

Skin Colors

fur/hair covered

Hair Colors

short, brown to grey

Abilities Information
Societal Information

Goblins are a unique and fairly weak race of evil humanoid monsters. Goblins are not smaller cousins of ogres or other natural "monsters", but are a necromantic creation.


The first goblins were created by the evil wizard Seraada Margolin while he was a Master Mage at the Mage's Academy in Velloria. Seraada was experimenting with powerful forbidden magics, reinfusing life back into corpses in an attempt to bring back the dead. Instead, thick, oozing cocoons were the result, which pulsed and "hummed" for three days. After that time, the deformed troggles emerged from the cocoons. Trying again, Seraada took unwilling volunteers and stripped them of their inherent magic. Once their magic was forced back into them, a similar transformation took place to the troggles, except goblins emerged from the cocoons. Seraada was removed from Velloria and took the goblins and troggles with him.


Goblins are small humanoid monsters. They vary in height from about 3.5 to 4.5 feet and weigh 40 to 45 pounds. They walk upright even though their arms nearly reach their knees. Their eyes vary from red to yellow and are usually dull and glazed. They have a broad nose that sits on a flat face with pointed ears and a wide mouth. Their mouth contains small, but sharp fangs. Their skin is covered in a short, coarse hair whose colour ranges from a dull brown to straight gray. Members of the same tribe tend to have the same skin color. The average goblin would be able to lift about 60 pounds over his head.


Goblins usually live in tribes which are ruled by the strongest goblin in the group. These tribes vary in size from gangs of 4-9 to tribes of up to 400. Most larger tribes have wolves or worgs as mounts or allies, which carry them into battle. Goblin tribes usually settle near civilized areas to raid for food, livestock, tools, weapons, and supplies. Goblins are not as strong or intelligent as many other humanoid species. Their main advantage in battle is their overwhelming numbers and pure savagery. Pure and simple, they enjoy killing.

Goblins are entirely carnivorous, including other species, and in desperate times have been known to be opportunistically cannibalistic as well.

At this time, goblins can only reproduce with other goblins. Seraada was still experimenting at the time of his death. Goblin males have been known to rape females of other species before enslaving them, killing them, and/or eating them. There have been no cases of pregnancy resulting from these rapes. Goblin females do not seem to have the same interest in males of other species. The gestation period for a goblin female is approximately 6 months.

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