Constructed Fantasy Worlds
General Information

The Southern Lands


reptilian mammals


mainly meat



Average Lifespan

109 centcycles (30 earth years)

Physical Information
Average Height

1 meter

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Societal Information

Sga Oda Spon

The goblins of Azeria are a short,green skinned folk who inhabit the Southern Lands and enjoy nothing better than war.Although capable of speaking Azeric they usually converse in their native Sgalic.Modern goblins belong to one of three tribes,more details of which can be read here,there were once many more tribes than exist today but during the course of their long intraracial wars these have dissolved into others or been erradicated resulting in only the three factions seen today remaining.The wars of the past have since settled and the three tribes now exist in relative peace with each other.Many goblins have abbandoned their tribal existence and live as bandits in the mountains known as the Badlands.

All goblins have a dislike for the humans who have settled in their lands in the city of Isgagaroth which means "Home of the nongoblins".Despite this dissaproval of them the Humans of Isgagaroth are one of the biggest buyers of Goblin Rum meaning that the goblins are still willing to take their money.

War with the elves[]

The goblins of Azeria are responsible for the extinction of the Elf race due to a war which was fought before any goblin can remember.The elves were granted the gift of imortality by the faries which they misused to oppress the goblins without fear of death,because of this betrayal the faries removed their gift and the Goblins were able to slay the elves until none were left.This great victory is still celebrated on the 19th day of the winter month in a festival called Slaughter Day.