General Information


Average Lifespan

600-750 years

Physical Information
Average Height

16-24 inches

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes

excellent night sight

Societal Information
  • Rock
  • Deep
  • Forest

Gnomes look similar to dwarves, but are less stout and are more tolerant of other races and of magic, and are skilled with illusions. Gnomes are small sized humanoids, standing 16 - 24 inches tall. Most are recognizable by their pointed felt caps, something no dwarf would be caught dead wearing.

Gnome SubracesEdit

see also: Gnovish Dwarf

Rock GnomesEdit

Rock gnomes are the most populous gnome subrace. They live in burrows beneath rolling, wooded hills. Friends to animals, rock gnomes have a racial ability that allows them to speak with burrowing animals.

Deep GnomesEdit

Deep gnomes dwell in cities deep underground. They are more dangerous than the common Rock gnome. They are intensely curious and intellectual, with an interest in gemstones.

Forest GnomesEdit

Forest gnomes are smaller than Rock gnomes. They are a shy, secretive folk, living deep in wooded areas. Bald, wizened men who usually live in shallow caves, they gather knowledge and lore as a hobby. Ancient tomes and rare scrolls litter their crowded libraries, precious chambers that usually fall to ruin with a gnome's death.


They typically live in hills, and have an intricate society based on their love of all kinds of arts and their long lives. A love of solitude ensures that most gnomes remain heirless, rarely marrying or raising a family. Although loners, gnomes are neither shy nor joyless. Gnomes love indulgence, and they make most celebrations on a grander scale. Generous hospitality accompanied by ingenious entertainments draw many friends to visit as houseguests. Gnomes do not often return these visits, for they dislike abandoning their abodes and the treasures guarded within for even a few days.


Gnomes are a bearded, short race similar to dwarves. Many gnomes are inventors and alchemists who love pranks and excel at engineering. The tinker gnomes are mechanically skilled, though their devices are quite prone to backfiring.

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