General Information


Average Lifespan

100-110 years

Physical Information
Average Height

36-48 inches

Skin Colors


Hair Colors

dark or white

Abilities Information
Special Attributes

excellent night sight

Societal Information

Small, wrinkled men with grey skin and little hair, gnolls inhabit the natural caverns that abound in mountainous regions. Sunlight does not harm them, but the brightness scares them and makes their eyes water, leading gnolls to adhere to the underground realm. Skill with magic enables them to avoid encounters with other races, few gaining knowledge of their presence until after the gnolls have passed from the area.

Gnolls travel in clans and settle only in deserted grottos where access is limited and concealed. When sheltered by secrecy and stone, their timid dispositions relax and permit the enjoyment of gleeful festivals. On these occasions, gnolls put aside their sober, earth-toned clothing for more colourful garb.

Though similar in appearance to dwarves, gnomes or even dwelfs, gnolls are a species unto themselves.

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